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When you Camp at Grove Point you are at one with Nature.  Campsites are Waterfront and extremely Private.  High Lines and  Personal Corrals are welcome but we also provide corrals at the sites available for rent or a  stall  in the barn (availability is limited)and must be booked in advance. 

A Guide can be provided for $75 per ride

or ride on your own.

 Photography is always complimentary! 

Ride the trails and Swim your horses!

Fees are as follows:  


*Each and Every horse trailered onto the property $25

this is a one time fee per visit and covers riders just coming for the day   (when you camp overnight you do not need to pay this fee again.)

*Campsite prices are as follows:

$100 per night to book The Point Campsite 

(8 Corrals at this site )

$50 The Nest Campsite

(2 corrals at this site)


$75 per night for the Cove campsite

(4 Corrals at this site)

$75 per night for the Nook campsite

(6 Corrals at this site)

 the Eagles Nest campsite

(vehicles only,  tent, no campers or trailers)

($25 per vehicle or 75$ for your group)


$50 per night for the Wood Duck Campsite

(2 corrals at this site)

$75 per night for the Twin Spruce campsite

(4 corrals at this site)

$25 per Trailer Per Night for Overnight field camping


*Stalls  when available are $25 per night bring your own bedding and cleanout before leaving.


*Corrals.. when available $25 per night, must clean them out before checking out



* Deposits are Non-Refundable, Non Transferable

Deposit Required to hold your reservation

(252) 305-3421

All Campsites are Primitive, Generators Welcome.

Main season there is a porta potty down by the Point Campsite and we have a bathhouse up by the barn with a shower, sink and toilet. Please be courteous and clean up after yourself and use water sparingly!

Water for the horses is available via hand pump located at the point campsite or up by he main barn.  The river water is also safe for horses to drink.

Well behaved dogs are welcome at the campsites but not on rides. Please clean up after yourself and them and do not let them roam to other campsites. 

Check in is after 11am  /   Check out is 10am

Please give us an Estimated time of arrival so we can meet you at the barn for check-in 

All visitors must sign a release form whether riding or not.  Children under 18 helmets required while mounted!

Be courteous and leave no trace!

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